Ripple Health Group is organized as a holding company.  And we work like an incubator.  So we’re both, and neither.  In all seriousness, our first funded initiative is focused on the organizational issues surrounding self-care and caregiving for others, with a particular focus on the aging population and family caregivers as the starting point.


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Self-care and caregiving - LikePaper™

Whether you're managing your own care or caring for someone else, LikePaper™ is your simple and secure place to store, organize, and share information.  

Feeling organized reduces stress.

The ripple effects of stress can affect your health, relationships, and ability to be safe and productive at work.

When you feel more in control, you are better able to handle the challenges that life lobs your way. 

Many of the tools that family caregivers need are available in their own form, but not designed to maximize the utility of our mobile phones while providing enterprise level security and storage for your sensitive health and legal information.  We had a saying while building LikePaper, “designed for consumers, built for enterprises,” which to us meant building an application that was enterprise-grade out of the gate. 

LikePaper is free for consumers. We built it to try and help individuals and families get organized, and have the right information when they need it.

LikePaper is on a mission to make the caring for yourself or others less stressful.


LikePaper™ for businesses

If you are interested in what Ripple Health Group is creating to help enterprises activate and engage their populations, please contact us. More information on this offering will be available in early 2021.