Founding Story

The company was founded by three friends and health technology veterans.

Founder and CEO David Ko was inspired to start Ripple Health Group by his mother.

“I was visiting my parents in Korea and I was watching my mom care for her mother. I was amazed at what I saw. Here I was – in one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, and I watched my mother coordinate all my grandmother's care through paper. Piles of paper. I felt the weight of my mother's day-to-day caregiving duties just looking at that pile of paper. It was at that moment that I recognized how necessary it was to address and improve caregiving globally.”

Ripple Health Group founders Anastasios Kasiolas and Rhett Woods also personally experienced the challenges of caring for loved ones during the toughest days.

We realized we have an opportunity to help ease the burden of caregiving by using technology to help coordinate between family members and the elderly, in conjunction with local healthcare payers and providers.

Our solutions help bridge the gap between patients and the healthcare system. 

Created with both sides of the equation in mind, our solutions help simplify people’s lifelong health journey to achieve better health outcomes. We’ve created some of the most iconic games, software, and apps, and now use that experience working directly with consumers to build engaging, consumer-friendly products and solutions for healthcare. 

Ripple Health Group solutions are:


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