We are a technology company made up of team members around the world helping to modernize the healthcare experience.

Ripple Health Group is a platform for the world’s most trusted healthcare solutions.

Founded in 2019 by three friends and health technology veterans, Ripple Health Group is on a mission to find the most impactful way to bring physical, mental, and social help to every person.

The company’s core competency is the ability to build consumer-friendly, fully integrated products and solutions fit for healthcare.  These solutions come from decades of working directly with consumers – having created some of the most iconic games, software, and apps.

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Our team operates under a set of simple, shared values. 

Win and lose as a team




we celebrate the wins and we learn from the losses ... together. 

Intrinsically motivated

we bring our best because we find our work personally rewarding.

we are reliable to our patrons, partners, and to each other.

we innovate through curiosity and experimentation.

we are here to help people by putting their needs first in everything we do.


Our team is always looking for thoughtful and passionate people to join us. If you’re looking to help people experience healthier lives, then we’d like to hear from you. Send us a note.

Our team

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