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Ripple Health Group is a health tech portfolio company with current initiatives in caregiving, health care finances, and behavioral health.

Introducing LikePaper™

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Whether you’re managing your own care or caring for someone else, LikePaper™ is your simple and secure place to store, organize, and share information. Learn More

Our diverse team of people come from backgrounds in digital health, gaming, enterprise software, and lots of other industries. The thing that brings us together is the desire to help people.  

First Portfolio Initiative


Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans provide unpaid family care?  

The impact is felt by all living generations, and the ratio of people to care for one another is shrinking rapidly.  

Simply put, we are getting older, sicker, and there are fewer of us to care for one another.  

Percent of caregivers
by generation
Source: AARP-835 AARP Caregiving in the US
Family caregivers are the backbone of Long-Term Services and Supports, and both individuals and families need an easy way to organize care information such as medications, insurance, legal documents, appointments, and daily tasks in order to improve caregiver confidence and consistency of care.  

Ripple Health Group just released our MVP for this initiative called LikePaper.
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Caregiving Initiative

Did you know what 1 in 5 Americans provide unpaid family care?  Ripple Health Group is working on an app for that. Learn more ->